Tom vroemen

Entrepreneur, inventor, public speaker

The actual sport of entrepreneurship and innovation is being extremely efficient. It is not about high ambitions, about raising millions, or about sending rockets into space. It is about getting things done at a high success rate in a short time. With limited resources and responsive to the market. That is what fascinates me.

During my time at CrowdAboutNow I have seen hundreds of innovators struggling to get started. Insufficient cash or knowledge being the largest barrier to success. Great ideas can stall for years in search of resources, and aggressively financed startups usually implode on themselves. How do you innovate efficiently, with little resources but at a high succes rate. That became my challenge.

Over time I founded several companies. Some thrived, some failed. They managed do disrupt industries I had never been before. I know technology and fluency of information has made it possible to make change in every field to everyone. Have a look below for some examples:

Ripple Yacht

Yachting is a very sexy industry. It is the business of leasure, joy and wealth. The maximisation of fun and luxury however leave little room for sustainability and innovation. Boats use classic technology to maximize value for money. I thought this could change. Can we build a sustainable electric boat that performs like a V8-powered speedboat? Can we make electric on the water sexy?

That is why we designed the Ripple yacht. All compromises of old engines, old designs and old controls were undone in an actualized integrated design. Check the website for more information.


When the banking crisis struck in 2008, small business became unfinanceable. Great ideas could not be realized anymore and local businesses disappeared. We changed the system by making timy investments in SMEs possible. CrowdAboutNow was the first investment crowdfunding company worldwide.

Initially, we had to fight banks and authorities, as crowdfunding could be a major disruptor in the finance field. Later, we were able to cooperate. Other crowdfunders entered the market and we stood at the base of a new finance industry.
We financed over a thousand SMEs in a few years using local stakeholders. Crowdfunding is a big part of corporate finance nowadays, and CrowdAboutNow fills a very important niche: Check their website for cool campaigns.


As a public speaker I surprised about the boring pattern of monologues most business events bring. Together with Rens de Jong I thought of a way to use technology to bring back dialogue in large audiences. in 2014 we Founded BuzzMaster.

A BuzzMaster is a Data DJ on stage of large events. They represent the voice of the audience to filter out the very best and relevant opinions for the people on stage to react to. This company innovates at an extremely high pace. Every year we launch new formats and technology. We shifted event interaction from simple voting gimmicks to engaged audiences, relevant opinions on stage and perfect business matches made.


Making things possible

During the course of my life I learned that everything is possible. That enabled me to start multiple ventures without having to search for knowledge and resources.

I think it is important to inspire others to be actionable and not feel dependent on knowledge and resources before they can start realising their ideas. Therefore I spend some time speaking about these subjects and moderating events aside of the companies. Would you like me to speak on your event or to moderate your event? Please fill in the contact form below.

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